Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Climbing Mind: absolutely comic

To the kids:

Your challenge this week is to create a comic. The topic and storyline are yours to create, one detail I'd like you to add somewhere is an ice cream truck.

If you'd like to print out a template you can go to this site and choose your format and print out as many sheets as you like. I came across this great tool last week, something I hope you kids can use all summer long.

Have Fun!

To the parents:

Younger kids can be encouraged to draw a picture in each box. You can ask them to tell you about the pictures and make notes if you'd like. Pictures alone are excellent. Do talk about storyline if you like too.

This is a good opportunity to show your bigger kids where quotation marks go when writing the text, or practice "bubbling" the text. You can print out this great example page of faces to create expression on the faces of the characters.

Challenge even older kids by creating a comic book of 2 or more pages of progressive storyline.

To Submit Your Entry:

When you have your child's finished product, scan it or even take a photo and post it to you blog. Then add your name and url to Mr. Linky below. This gives your child a full week to polish their project and submit it. Be sure to surf through the other entries with your child. This will inspire them and encourage them in what they're learning.


Kristin said...

Thanks for this fun challenge. It has been fun seeing the kids busy at work and happy. Can't wait for the next challenge. I will be in Hawaii, but maybe Nana can do it with them!- Kristin

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Kristin said...

Are you home yet? I have been wondering how your time was in Portland at the conference. Did the kids like it? I've been praying for you friend. Hope all is well!! I hope we get a chance to talk on the phone before I leave on Sunday, but I know you will have company. Take care-Kristin