Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why my husband is the best dad on the blog

I think my husband is incredible. He's an incredible husband, a kind dad and instinctively the perfect dad for this little crew of boys. I'm getting to appreciate that more each passing year. If you do the math, I really need him around. I'm a girl. These are boys. There are some things he just knows what do do with them that I really don't.

My husband....
initiates wrestling,
entertains (but appropriates) boy-talk (boogers and the like),
gives each boy individual attention,
always takes one little guy with him when he runs errands,
lets a boy fiddle around in his office at 5 a.m. when dad is working and mom is...still asleep where she should be,
takes time and snuggles the boys at bedtime,
is perceptive to the boys' personalities, needs and patterns,
loves being with his family,
builds his life and goals around family,
is appropriately manly when playing with the boys and appropriately gentle when they get their knees or feelings hurt,
worked for hours to level the ground to put the swimming pool on so it would be just right for them,
plays games with the boys when they want to and he doesn't,
is careful to guard their eyes and little hearts,
lets me sleep in on most Saturdays even though he always wakes before me during the week,
is anxious to spend time with me in the evenings after the kids are in bed,
does the dishes after dinner without complaint,
is available for interruption when he's working to help the boys out.

My husband is wonderful, so wonderful.

These thoughts brought to you by the happiest-wife-on-the-blog


Amy said...

I really really love all the honor, and gratitude, and complete adoration and love that you pour out for you honey! It's just awesome and so so beautiful!

You are so blessed! Amy

Anonymous said...

Lovely tribute.