Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Delight

On my bedside table:
my Bible

On my TV:
Nada, just settling in.

On the menu for tonight:
Menu? Dinner? Oh shoot! I'd better think about that....

On my To Do List:
Five year old check up- and shots for Critter today
Call a friend
Sew badges on Scout uniform (still)
Read a bit
Menu making/ Grocery Shopping

New Recipe I tried last week:

Didn't have any new ones...we ate out a bit, Ralph baked his yummy pizzas, Kristin cooked a couple yummy meals too.

In the craft basket:
Still finishing new baby blanket (no baby yet?!) and started a pink, pink and brown one for my niece. I got a lot done at the beach.

Looking forward to:
Getting thehumpty-dumpty house all back together again. Who needs all those kings' horses, and their men? I just need a few days.

Homemaking Tip for this week:

For travel, books and books on tape seem to be be the best entertainers for long car trips. When the kids get a little antsy a story out loud is soothing for their ears.

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other):
I haven't been reading, but I love my boy pics from last week.

Favorite photo from last week:


MooBee Mama said...

Love that list! Scary what mine would look like. But fun to think about!

Sandra said...

Welcome to Happy Homemaker Monday, I'm so glad you're joining :)

I LOVE your lesson learned, I feel the exact same way, there's something so wonderful about stepping back into your own house :)