Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This month,

*I will print this post out for a personal reminder and hang it where I can read everyday these ideals I want to implement into my daily life.*

In my quest for peace;

i will keep the media off a little more
i will play a little longer with the boys
i will linger over tea and conversation with my man
i will go for more walks, slow down
i will leave myself wide margins, not planning too much in a day, week or month

In my quest for joy;

i will laugh out loud at three year old knock knock jokes, again
i will look through old photos and remember that I have all worth treasuring
i will play more games with my kids
i will spend more time with friends who help me laugh and spur me into happyness

In my quest for wisdom;

i will read the bible each day
i will meditate on what i read
i will listen to others I respect
i will do some research on good books for kids so we can get some more for spring, summer, next fall

In my quest for order;

i will make a trip to goodwill
i will clean out the linen closet and organize, maybe the pantry too- spring clean
put photos on snapfish and order a few to put in frames for the boys
write up some info needed for AGC
i will continue to work on forms for school next year
i will be careful about time spent on the computer, not how much really, but when

In my quest for beauty;

i will keep the surfaces in the kitchen decluttered and pretty, even only a bowl of fruit
i am washing all our bedding- it looks and smells so fresh
i am slowly scouring our walls and baseboards, so much work and so worthwhile

In my quest for nature;

i will run a couple times this week
i will try and get out (even in the cold) and work on planting plans for our spring (in June)
i will try and get those birdies closer to our house so we can see them
we will look for signs of spring- everyday

In my quest for health;

i will drink lots of water,
i will excersize,
i will eat only when I'm hunger,
i will snack on fruit,
i will cook up more veggies, more often
i will travel with good snacks

In my quest for contentment;

i will thank God daily for all the good things I have
i will take notice of all the little good thing in my day: flowers, the sky, the wind, giggles, favorite books and blankets and people
i will give more, think of what I want less

Psalm 37:3

Trust in the Lord and do good;
dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
Delight yourself in the Lord
and he will give you the desires of your heart.


Cathy said...

I love these "quests" of yours Amanda! Hope they are conquered!!

...I should really write down the ones I have for myself...

Anonymous said...

you are inspiring me. as usual. =)

Orygunmom said...

Amanda, that's the kind of thing I print out, laminate and put hang on the shower wall!

Thank YOU! and thank God for YOU!