Friday, March 27, 2009

Boy Pics Part Two

We still play with "Magic Beans." I have a blanket to spread on the floor for easy cleanup, and notice that they boys are playing in a tight little hallway so the beans can't get too far. This is one of those activities that gets better over time. The first few times you'll need to grab a book and camp out right next to the tub to be sure no one starts throwing beans or sticking them up a nose. Any nose. After the kids know the rules, the kids will play for a LONG time in those beans. They love 'em.

Here are the boys on their way into get their annual haircuts. No really, I only make them wait 6 months. Armed with books and expecting lollipops, here we go! And no, I haven't taken a formal after photo. I love all their hair on the longer side, the hair cuts mostly took hair off the back to get those snarl monkey's out. Yikes!

A little school time at the table. No, my kids don't wear pj's all day. Only Peanut. At least he's wearing a shirt this time. And yes, I see the snarl monkeys (Perko for bedhead).

These photos were all taken at a Scouting event last Saturday night. No, I didn't swim, but acted as a lifeguard-mommy keeping an eye on all three boys. Scoot just swims all over without fear, or need of it. Peanut and Critter are best in life jackets, but not to be slowed down. It was a fun night, next time I'll get in because I feel I missed out. :)

I set these to post while we're on vacation, so the next time you hear from me we'll be back and I'll have a million new photos for you. See you then!!

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