Monday, February 23, 2009

School this Week

Well, again I'm going to show you some highlights of our school away from the 'school.' In 'class' we're working on beginning reading and addition with Critter, Peanut is working on letter recognition and writing/drawing. Scooter and I are taking on borrowing which seems to be the worst thing I could ask of him (he's not loving math lately) so he and I have been doing a lot of playing in Math...flash card games and writing on the windows etc. He's moving forward in Ancient Egypt studies and is now studying animals and insects in Science.

But now for the fun stuff;

I don't think I ever shared with you these photos, taken at the Pine Wood Derby a week ago. Joey's car was fast and furious, and we had a really great time watching the races. He got a ribbon for his entry and was quite pleased with the work that he and his dad did.

Here is a picture of our typical school day around the kitchen table. It's not uncommon to find Scoot working away whilst his younger brothers entertain with play doh. It's a long time favorite past time around hers. Especially in the winter. I suppose it has the gratifying effect of digging around in the dirt outside on a small scale. I almost never say no to play doh...a contained mess is no small thing to bark at around here.

This picture cracks me's a first-thing-in-the-morning photo. Coloring over their bagels, and somehow they don't really look awake yet...

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