Sunday, February 22, 2009


Critter has been helping out all morning. He made my bed, cleaned up the books, put away dishes and moved chairs when it was time for me to mop. He set the table for breakfast and wiped down the counter.

Later, I told him how much it helped me that he was doing so much of my work.

He said;
"Mom, do you know why I feel a little precious? Because I'm doing some good."

Ahhh, soup for the soul.


Cathy said...

He IS precious! How stinkin' adorable.

DotBlogger said...

That's beautiful.

runninggal said...

So cute!

I left a couple of long comments on the "quote for today" post but they must not have gone through so I'll try a different comment here to see if this is working!

Saw you at church in passing and wished I could have had a moment to just say hi - you look like your feeling better, hope so! You girls looked like you were haviing fun doing worship. :)