Sunday, November 30, 2008

Peace On Earth

...starts at home.

Join me, if you like in my 31 day quest for peace in our home in an otherwise chaotic month.

It never fails to amaze me, how much responsibility I have as a mother in maintaining the peace. I can be at peace, whether or not I'm...
  • organized and all together
  • late on getting out Christmas cards
  • done with my "to do" list
  • growing something in the bathroom
  • 75% done shopping
  • making things perfect for
  • doing cute little crafts for the holidays
When I'm at peace, when my cup is full and all is calm in me, my family reflects the peace. When I am frazzled and stressed and late and hectic, the family reflects those things.

So I'm going out of my way to plan a full cup, a calm mind and peaceful heart this season.** I want my boys to have memories of this being a season of Joy, Peace and family. Join me if you like....our own little advent if you will. Starts tomorrow!

Oh~ and should you decide to join me for a day or two, tell us about it!

**Disclaimer; for those of you who think I'm crazy or obbsessive or perfect, you're wrong. I will NOT be doing all these wonderful peace-making activities because I am working my way out of being a perfectionist. SO, I will do my best to do all of these tasks, but refuse to loose any peace if I'm just too busy.


Jenny said...

I'm in. We are staying home for the holidays for the 1st time in our marriage and I am oh so looking forward to the calmness. No traveling. even tho I will miss family, we will be creating our own memories!

Cathy said...

Me too! We've kind of been forced to simplify this year and while at times it's a little sad, I'm actually looking forward to no shopping, minimal decorating, and just enjoying this season of Christ's birth!