Saturday, November 29, 2008

Graham Cracker Houses

A family tradition, we put together mini-style gingerbread houses last Wednesday. I used graham crackers and had great success. The crackers are just lighter weight, therefore the houses don't collapse nearly as often. Of course it was a treat for the boys to all make their very own houses. I made gobs and gobs of icing (if any of my local friends need some for building houses let me know) and bought gobs and gobs of candy. The boys had a sugar feast. Wednesday was a day my nephew had no school so he was able to get in on it with us for the fun. Yum!


Raelyn said...

Sounds like it was TONS of fun! I can't wait until my family makes some together!

Hilary said...

These are the sorts of projects the boys will remember all their days, I think. What a sweet memory maker! At Christmas time when we were small, my mom would bake cakes in the old foil trays that TV dinners came in and we would decorate those - they looked just like angels. I would do it still if I could find the same trays :)