Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ode to Susie

My dear friend East-Coast-Susie has requested to "see" where we live. What we see from our place. What a fun project this has been for me! I have gotten quite carried away, a very fun project! I am so inspired by looking around at all God has made and maintains, and echoing the thoughts from Julie's blog today, that God is so big, and His creation continues to sing His praises, throughout all the crisis in the world, in our homes, in our lives. Take a minute to read Julie's peace bringing thoughts.

Back to my nature show; I'll share with you, dear Susie, my home here on the West Coast. Most of the photos are taken within 60 miles of our home. You'll see some snippets of our family, of course- I tried to stay on track. (You know me and photos ;)



Cathy said...

ooo.oooo.I love all the pretty pics! It makes me miss good old C.O.:) the pretty new layout too. Peanut is soooo little in some of those!

Amanda P said...

OK... you want to know the first words that came out of my mouth as I laid eyes on your grandeur... HOLY SH.... EESH! Truly, I caught myself just in time to be able to make that second word worthy of writing in print and not sinning :). WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When can I come???!!!! Thank you for doing that and by the way are the two photos, one of a sunset and one of a snowcapped mtn. your pictures or did you download professional photography? I am so impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are something else my dear Amanda and I love you dearly.

Hilary said...

Beautimous! Fortunate you! :)

Suzanne Medairy said...

I love the pictures! So beautiful out there! Puts our east coast mountains to shame!


runninggal said...

It's unstoppably awesome out here! I have lived all over this country, all over Oregon, and been in every state of this blessed union and I have finally settled exactly where I'd want to vacation.

For one more glorious Central O shot, check out the header on my blog. My hubby did a 20 mile 2 day cross country ski from the Bachelor area, through to Sisters with some buddies and captured this panoramic when they where near the top.

It's within 60 miles of Amanda's house too!

ohhollyf said...

Wow, no wonder your family is outdoors so often, love the pics, too.

The Daileys said...

WOW! So very different than Western WA! It's brethtaking and you ahve done such a wonderful job of capturing it. Lovely.