Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nick of Time

We had a close call this morning, a fantastic reminder in the holiday season of candles and small electronics... to be careful! Our kitchen has under-the-counter lighting. A little bit ago Ralph pulled down the roll of paper towels (attached to the cupboards) to find that two of the towels on the roll were marshmallow-brown toasted. Scary! We could've had a house fire in a hurry.

My dear sister-in-law knows this too well, several years ago at a Thanksgiving party at her house someone unknowingly knocked down a candle and they had a serious house fire upstairs. Their beautiful old home was saved, but they were not spared a nightmare experience of having the house worked on for months while they stayed at a hotel.

So as we creep into December, and you're enjoying the holiday candles and such, be careful to keep them in sight, up high if you have little ones, or just go with one of the flameless candles, or candle warmers. Always watch your tree too, make sure it has water and check your lights!

Happy to remind you without tragedy behind it...amanda

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The Daileys said...

Good reminder! Thanks ;) I am so glad that you guys caught a potential fire hazared before it ws too late.