Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Peace and Quiet??

I've known for years now that peace and quiet don't come hand in hand often. In fact, I'd say that I had to redefine "peace"awhile back. Peace, does not mean quiet. Our house is quite peaceful this morning, and the boys are jumping off the bunk bed right now. I have perfect peace about my day, but that's inner peace...I'm not even sure it's quiet in there.

And quiet. Those of you who've been in the Christian culture for any length of time are very familiar with the concept of "quiet time." A time of the day (by law it's morning) that one sits down to read The Bible and pray. This quiet time has been a huge source of guilt for many. If we don't have regular, long quiet time each day, we aren't good Christians, right? Praying is a ritual, right? Find a quiet place, talk to God, read the Word, wait on God. Well, that concept is constantly challenged by my household.

This morning, I snuck (no such thing) out of bed to have my quiet time. My almost 6 year old crept down next to me, asked for a cup of tea and snuggled up against me with a blanket. As I opened my Bible to read about Joshua, Joey says "Will you read to me, too?" Am I supposed to say "No, this is mommy's quiet time with God, you're not included." THIS, my friends, is a HUGE reason why I homeschool! I want my kids to know God. I want them to sit next to me as I go, experiencing the Great peace and security I find with my Father. So no, I didn't send him away. I read to him. In the next 10 minutes the other boys came down and I read, journaled, thinking this; This is what my life is right now, peace...and time with God, in the midst of noise and chaos. The Bible instructs us to teach our children as we sit and stand and go. We are to pray continually. Our experience with God can go on all day, not just in the quiet. So let the day begin!


Hazel Dodge said...

What a wonderful way to share your relationship with Christ with Joey. I think it's up to us as parents to be available and open to those moments when their curiosity is sparked. Who knows if it isn't the Spirit working within those questions of "What are you doing, Mom?" and "Can you share something that is important to you with me?" I believe these moments also contribute to a child's sense of self-worth; Mommy included him in something that was very special to her. Thanks for sharing that with us.:)

The Daileys said...

What a sweet blog and what a gentle reminder. In my home, if it is quiet there is something wrong....