Tuesday, October 9, 2007

School at our place

School at home looks different, I'm sure for every family. I imagine though, that some of you are wondering what it looks like at our house. Its' taken me awhile to figure out just the best way to meet the needs of our little chickens three, and our house too. So generally speaking this is what our day looks like.

Preschool begins 9a.m.~ calendar, flash cards or manipulatives, Bible, Spanish, numbers and letters, shapes and colors for Nate and Eli (and is Eli ever picking it up!), reading, writing, math, time and money concepts, as well as some classic literature (Aesop's Tales this week) for Joe. We usually get in about an hour in the morning. Afterward I usually send the boys out for some recess, and then play time...or we're off to activities for the kiddos.

In the afternoon, when my little ones nap Joey and I get in another hour of one on one at the bar in the kitchen. I love it that he can read to me, and we get to have quiet time to dive into the work a little deeper. I'm seeing a lot of progress in his handwriting, and he's picking up new stuff everyday...so fun.

We also get in the art...seems to me that the crayons, markers and stickers are always out...and my boys are always happy to make new pictures for us. I love it.

Our week is also packed with social activites. I attend a Bible Study, the boys are in a Bible class too. We head to the library once a week to pick up a basket full of books for new readers and bedtime entertainment. All the boys enjoy a story time there, complete with a craft afterward. We have a home school playgroup we meet with weekly, with 13 kids 0-7 years old...lots of friend time that day. And of course grocery shopping (Joey helps me keep the tab and compare prices) and trips to the park, or Maemae's house.

Once a month we have groups with the local home school club, a literary lunch, chess and board games club, and a date at the gymnastics center. I truly cannot call myself a "stay at home mom" I rarely stay at home.

One of the 578 reasons I home school, the flexibility to do all these things. If an activity interfere's with our school work, we just work later, or double up. Good times!

So this is a bit of what our lives look like. We have fun. Come, hang out with us for a day!

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