Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Little boys and big ideas

So sometimes I get a little too big for my britches. I took the boys on a nice walk down the canyon, I was walking and they were scootin'. We stopped along the way to get some rock crawling in , boy can these boys crawl! The lizards left their sunbasking perches in order not to get smooshed by boy shoes. The weather was beautiful...warm enough to loose the shirts, as they often do. The boys got in time for some cool jumps even some fancy posing. Then it was time to get back on the road. After our hike though, the boys weren't too sure about biking home...and what do I do about that? They were hot, tired and they all wanted the same scooter! And how do I carry two little tired boys and three bikes? In the end, Ralph was the hero, came down into the canyon with a wagon and hauled our tired hineys out. Well now, who could call me a "stay home" mom???

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The Daileys said...

BUSY!!!! Your boys are lucky to have an adventurous and energetic mommy!