Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Ralph and I have decided not to take the London job. There are a number of factors that brought us to this decision, the major one being some concerns about the company which Ralph would be working for. We are happy, for all our local friends and family, to say that we'll be around this year yet. (And I'm so, so sorry Sara- that we won't be coming to visit!) Honestly, I was quite excited to go, but I'm also really tired of moving around- and just hanging out here in Redmond sounded really, really good too. Anyhow, we have complete peace about staying here in Redmond

At the same time, Ralph was offered & has accepted a position (telecommuting) with a company he worked for in VA. This is a great opportunity for Ralph to do what he loves in an environment that best utilizes his skill set. We feel so blessed, and very much that God has opened a door and closed another, and that we are in the right place.

So, you can find us now, and in the coming months at our same old address on Canyon Dr. Thanks to you all, for your support. It's amazing what friendships we have in all of you. We feel super-d-duper lucky!

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