Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September Spiders

I've always said that September was the month of the spider (though I probably learned this from an old wise friend when I was young) and this month is proving my theory once again. The other day little J and I were having one of those great mother & son moments on the front porch, when he spotted a fabulous spider web on our front porch. We searched for the spider, but didn't find her (all nice spiders are girls) until that night, when we saw her perched in the center of her web waiting for dinner. The next night, we showed our dinner guests, who promptly scooted as far as they could from under her web to avoid being jumped on. They didn't, however, seem to mind that their son and daughter pass below. Anyhow, our nice spider has since been named Charlette, and after a little internet research, we've decided she'll continue to grace our porch, as she is most likely an orb spider...harmless to us, and helpful with all those unwanted pests. So, welcome, Charlette.

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