Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The boys love to do nothing more, lately, than bike, scoot and toot! Scooter is getting more and more comfortable on two wheels, LC is loving the bike w/ trainers and Sweet Pea, he flies! His tricycle legs really go. It's been a fun time out there. Too bad it's cooling off so much lately, taking us down into the 30's at night and today it's just below 60. Worse comes to worse I let them cruise around the garage. This is just a fabulous activity for them...and me too. I love being out, and love them burning all that crazy boy energy they have!

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Hilary said...

You have the best pictures! I remember when our nephew Derek first discovered tricycles. He was barely tall enough to reach the pedals, but his little legs would go like crazy, and he'd laugh & laugh as he tried to run us down :)