Saturday, June 9, 2012

Platforms, Play & Pursuit: In hopes of having an intentional summer

Moving into Summer it's obvious to me that I've got some crazy list of ambitions.  It's not a wonder, either.  For the rest of the year I've been focused on school and the boys, just keeping things upright at home.  But we're on school break now, and I'm full speed ahead;  organize, paint, study and clean!

Beyond the lists,  I'm seeing the need to be intentional about having a little fun with the kids this summer. Spending time with them, loving on their not-so-little hearts, walking and talking with them about how much I cherish them, about who they are in the Lord.

I'm also hearing a lot of friends wondering about just how busy to keep their kids, whether or not it's okay to let their kids get bored.

A firm believer in allowing kids to get bored, this is a whole blog post in and of itself.  In short, allowing kids to have empty time forces them to be creative and constructive.  Throughout this summer I'm going to create platforms from which my kids can take a leap into their own creative worlds with provided materials or themes.

I'll never forget a weekend I spent with a girlfriend when I was in about 6th grade.  We'd watched all the movies, played all the games, done everything we could think of and we were just bored.  We wandered out to her garage, found some wood scraps and some hardware...we pulled it all together.  Grabbed some hammers and made something.  We made art that day.  It was so fun, and a forever memory.

Maybe this summer I'll keep a little journal with you all...track the platforms I lay out, the things I'm going to do with the boys.  I'll do my best to keep up with my own ambitions.  At any rate, feel free to join along and share with me your journey.

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