Friday, March 30, 2012

Our Week in Review

It's Friday....Friday to kick off Spring Break.  Like most Fridays we did light school today.  Light school means that the kids work independently while mom runs to donate my blood and question the sweet lady at Sherwin-Williams.

While there our conversation went like this:
She:  Hello, can I help you?
Me:  Yes, would you come to my house and help me choose my colors?  (snicker g'fahh)
She:  Actually, I do that!
Me:  (Dumbfounded, just standing there...) Okay?  Realllly??

I'm thrilled!  We have so many walls on this floor that are screaming at me for color, but I really don't know where to start.  Living, Family Rooms, School Room, Stairwell, Halls and our Breakfast Room all need to be painted.  Teresa is coming over next week and then we'll be painting and painting...

Back to Light School.  The boys did their Math and Reading and then I came home (after a hard morning running errands) and took a long nap.  It was raining, couldn't be a better day for a nap, right?  I'm still tired from long nights of sick kids, I must be 37, this sleep is taking longer to catch up on.


My favorite thing this week was...

Working on our Life of Jesus Timeline.  I worked on a timeline for the life of Christ, the boys and I started at his ministry in order to work up to the crucifixion and resurrection by Good Friday.  Each day I assign the boys to sketch a picture for an event while I read the stories to them.  It's been a fun way to work up to Easter.

Questions/thoughts I have....

Wondering how I'm going to keep these boys occupied over Spring Break, and still wondering how to keep my eldest student challenged over the next months.

Things I'm working on....
rearranging our school stuff, decluttering, decluttering, choosing paint colors, oh! and I have some studying to do too!

Books to go on the to-read list....

(Eli finished his first chapter book this week!)

The boys are finishing up their assigned reading, I'm looking through these lists:

1000 Good Books

Books for Boys & Other Children Who Would Rather Make Forts All Day (if you click on this link it will download a doc with a fantastic list of books)

I'm reading..... Total Truth by Nancy Pearcy (for book group), Shepherding a Child's Heart, & Great Expectations by Dickens.  Good, good books.

Something a Little Crazy....

New Fun Idea Here:

It comes from Pinterest, of course.  Hoping to promote some reading and writing I picked up some poster board at Winco (.37!) and drew up a fun map for Eli.  He's had so much fun, enough fun that his big brothers quickly followed suit and drew up their own maps. 

I almost forgot...queen kitty:


Hilary said...

1. I can't wait to see which colors you choose!
2. I really like the Life of Jesus timeline!
3. The Frog & Toad books are some of my favorites! We have that very book upstairs in our cedar chest :)
4. If you lived here, you could spend your spring break with me, jumping on trampolines at Skyhigh Sports :)

Hazel M. Wheeler said...

Please tell Nate I love his drawing... Congrats to Eli-- Frog and Toad are old, good friends...Joey's structure is so boy and so colorful:)

Thanks for letting us peek!

Kerry said...

Thanks for sharing Amanda. I have missed keeping up with your blog. :)

Lynn said...

Cool beans on the paint! I love the picture of the blocks around the kitty cat. I hope you had an excellent spring break!!


Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

Looks like a fun week/Friday! Good find on the Paint Lady! Keep us posted. Oh, and both of my boys just loved Frog and Toad!