Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Last Stretch is Stretching my Mind

Settling in after a long and wonderful last day of Classical Converations for this school year, I sat down to peek at some of your blogs.  Then I remembered, I could blog too!

I got out of the habit of blogging, but I'm missing it so, it's such a great place to process.  So I'm pulling up my keyboard, a quiet house for a few minutes, to ramble at y'all or no one but myself.  Either way, it's fine with me!

Math books sit patiently waiting through a wrestling break....THIS is home school at our house

Our school year can be broken up into trimesters, I've just realized. Two twelve-week sessions of Classical Conversations followed by a 12 week session of simple home school.

My boys have wondered why, oh why do we finish CC so early? They love it so!*. I love CC, and I also love shifts in schedule. So with 12 weeks to go I'm feeling inspired to switch up our school at home.

My plan:
•Continue on in Bible Study with The Long Story Short
•More Scripture memorization
*•CC review in game & quizzing form (working on my CC review box)
•Saxon Math
Nate reads "Swiss Family Robinson" with his mood ring on....on my pile of unpaired socks.  THIS is homeschool 
•beginning Latin's Not So Tough
•Wrap up Johnny Tremain
•Continued studies in Language Arts
•Creating out personal Lego books (fun idea, Pinterest)
•Working through my new Idea Box*
Joe works on writing while snuggling up the queen kitty (note the laundry in the background?)  THIS is home school
A new season brings with it inspiration & a renewed resolve to finish our school year well. I'm thankful for it!

I'm also looking at creative ideas for promoting writing & more of a love of learning.

All this, and I'm stumped.  You see, I have a  kid that I think needs more.  More WORK.  This kid breezes through his math, stomps all over his work so fast and thoroughly that I feel he needs something extra.  He's memorized the first 12 elements of the periodic table (#, element & mass) per CC this year and wants to finish the list...I guess this is where I can start.   He's not entertained by the idea of writing a LEGO book, so maybe it'll be a research paper on Black Holes.  I think he'll be doing some assigned dinner-making (I think that's cooking class) and certainly setting up some field trips for our CC group.  This kid needs to be kept busy...ier.  He needs his mind to be heavily stretched, some good challenges.

And please don't see that I'm focusing my attention at one kid.  The thing is, he's bright and he can work well on his own.  So I need him to be a little busier so I can attend to my younger students that need more of me yet.

So, I'm begging you all for ideas.  Brain stimulating, hands on or writing, memorizing or charting related challenges.  He's 10 with a bright mind and an inclination toward science...

Ideas?  Please?  I won't take no for an answer!


Hazel M. Wheeler said...

Should I send you my "Observation Deck", a set of writing prompt cards? Maybe your guy would like to use these as random daily challenges for writing on a subject.(?) Let me know if you want more info on this....

Jessica said...

Question for you...what age did your boys start CC? There's a chapter in Centralia now (I'm pretty sure). I'm hoping to go to an in formation meeting soon. You've spoken so highly of it that I'm definitely interested.

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

No idea how to keep the 10 year old engaged enough. I handed mine a saw and he built a shooting range in the forest today. . . . I need to get my 14 year old to read more. I need to be more strict on number of pages a day. I forget that he is so mature and able, and I forget to challenge him with literature. So easy to spend so much time in Science and Math. . . .Arts/Music