Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Autumn Wind

Maybe it's the wind that pushed through the trees all night overhead. The comforting whistling that sang to me while I lay tucked in.

Maybe it's the number 6 that he has behind his name. Maybe it's that my littlest boy, who is not so little, lost his first tooth and does not at all resmble the little one who toddled after me for so many years.
Maybe it's the sense of urgency that's waning. Everyone runs around trying to get the last of that good summer fun in. Finally, thankfully our world is slowing a bit. Enough time to watch the leaves turn and fall, fall, sway to the ground. I know it will soon be a flood of leaves.
Enough time to sit and read another chapter, to get my mind out of the crazy-making, to slow down and count some things in the hours to be so, so thankful for.

Or perhaps it's in that all too familiar beckoning I hear whispered at me…Abba. My Father, He whispers at me to know Him more. To know the meaning of the Cross and death and new life. To taste redemption and freedom.
I am grateful that God hasn't forgotten me. I am grateful that He's relentlessly committed to seeing me become all that He made me to be.
"being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on unto completion until the day of Christ Jesus…" Phil 1:6
and His promise is that He's not done with me and the seasons roll around again and I'm thinking of Christmas and a new Calendar but He is thinking about the good work He started in me and wills or permits my circumstance to get me there.

I'm slow to learn.
But God is patient. And I'm worried about time flying by too fast and how I'm going to get all this done, or even what on earth my blog is for…but God is committed to me and waits for me when I meet with Him in the early mornings or long afternoons on my knees with my heart in my hands.
And He is the healer. He soothes the soul, my God, He soothes. He whispers promises to me and presses me on beyond myself, alone I cannot be who I want to be. To do…Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self control. I fail ridiculously without Him.

So these are the thoughts my heart ponders in Autumn. I see the garden fade and the pumpkin swells with orange and delight. I wonder about the new season of my life, and am hopeful for all the good God has in store.
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Hilary said...

I think maybe your blog is for posts exactly like this.