Sunday, September 25, 2011


The boys and I got up early this weekend. Saturday morning I heard the littlest stirring when I got up before the sun showed itself. I crept into his room and took his hand, whispered him downstairs to tennies and a sweatshirt. We grabbed the doggy and silently walked to the river side.

We met with the peeking sun. We greeted the new day with our all-night hair and awe of the sameness that comes over everyday whether we notice, or not.

We giggled as we watched a river otter paddle around in circles. Fish jumped here and there and then here again. It was dreamy, a morning-date for our busy lives.

It's one thing I'm noticing about being so, so busy in this season. I am enjoying all the retreats that I get from work.
So I snagged the middlest this morning when I got up again. He was fast asleep but had begged to be woken. As we crept out of the sleeping house we saw a nose pushed against the screen of my biggest boys room. He was invited, and gladly accepted.

We walked the same path, we're wearing ruts in that pavement.
We watched fishermen skilled and silent.

Joe measured his hand against the print in cement stairs fashioned just for us, I'm certain.

We gazed. What else is there to do. Nate crept around, ever the explorer. Joe snuggled up next to me and we talked, laughed, smiled away the hour.
The scent, the sights, the sounds of Autumn were carefully observed & discussed.

I will not miss THIS day, this hour. I was thrilled at this unplanned, unexpected weekend of dates with my boys. Quiet hours before the song of things to do got to any of us.

I will not rush the quiet hours.

….and I don't want to miss the beauty of the world around, changing just a bit faster than my sweet boys.
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Cathy said...

Beautiful photos, Amanda!!

And it sounds like a beautiful, precious time was had.:)

Miss you!