Thursday, August 11, 2011

Where We Work

I've been trying really hard to come up with a name for our school space. The truth is, around my house "school" is kind of a nasty word....I would love to call this room something different than the school room. My sister had the sweetest idea; "Room of Deep Thoughts and Great Learning." As much as I love this, I know we'd never say it all. But I might just make a sign stating such.

At any rate, this is the week when all the lovely homeschooling mamas have been sharing their space with the rest of us, so I thought I'd jump in on the game, in spite of the fact that the room is a mess of transition & planning just now.

There's an idea! "Mess of Transition & Planning Room!" Oh, that's just about me, not the boys....

This is it. Complete with boy on the floor looking at a book. For summer I've pushed the table up to the wall, in a few weeks I'll be pulling it out again to seat 4.

Around the corner...this is the hub. Their books, my books, CC books, you name it.

Round the OTHER corner is my getaway. I know, it's not so big, but it works perfectly to keep all my things that no one should be touching or moving or misplacing...and my mom book. (More on that, remember)

Little might you know, it's actually part of the laundry room. These old houses have funny things like that and I think it's perfectly charming to hide out in my laundry room.

Wonderful, wonderful window to look out year round. This makes this room my favorite of the house. I'm working on making this side yard our bird-feeding-watching place. Outdoors-in!

So there is your little tour! Come on over and I'll show you the rest of the place. :)

So grateful to have a space to spread for our school....



Hazel M. Wheeler said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! I want a school room!

hugs, hz

Danae said...

It sounds like an Enrichment Area to me.

April said...

Sweet space--great window. The windows are one reason I moved our school room! :)
I was supposed to have a desk space in our laundry room(we built the house to feel "old" with lots of crannies and such)BUT it is now the linen closet. . .
Thanks for showing! Can't wait to see your bird friends arrive outside your window! :)

KarenW said...

Great room! I love having a window to look out of too.

Sparklee said...

I also had trouble finding a name for our room--nothing seemed quite right! I think we might name it the "project room" since we try to do anything really involved (meaning messy) or ongoing there.

I love how there's a kid reading in your photo! And I love the big windows--that's my only complaint about our room. Not enough natural light.

Have a great year of learning together!

Our Country Road said...

I really like your space! The walls are so calming and the windows are awesome!