Thursday, August 11, 2011

Try to love the Questions

This is the quote posted in our little library. And I've given it much thought. I do grow weary of the questions. Whether it's because I get tired of thinking; "Mom, do you think that there would have to be another dimension to travel through time?" or I get weary of being needed: "Mom, can you help me get this dog poop off my shoe?" or if I just don't know what, exactly to answer: "Mom, what if we had a house fire, and you and dad didn't make it? What would happen to us?"

The last question was asked, at bedtime WITH the little brother in ear shot....that was a long evening.

But the truth is, these little minds are brewing. They're learning constantly, and they're hungry for more information. Facts, answers, opinions, assurances.

...and I'm thinking I get to light a fire right at this very moment.

The lighting of a fire, inspiring these minds to think on. To question more. How else does one begin to think but in asking questions?

So I'm figuring out how to stop being weary, but to respond with words that provoke more thought. To take the time to look up a word, and then discuss how it's used. To reflect on how the world views issues, what God says about these same things. I'm trying to remember not to stop the questioning. In fact, how do I breed the questions? Discussions. Research. Look my little boys in the eyes and ask them another question.

And then sometimes, I just can't do another question. This makes me think I need to start a book, or a box for questions. Hmmm.... a new idea for our learning home.

Just thinking...

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing." ~ Albert Einstein

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Hazel M. Wheeler said...

I couldn't agree with your post more!

One phrase that has helped me immensely in the weary times:
"You know, that's a big question... let me noodle on it for a bit and we'll talk about it in a little while."

Of course, "Who's going to take care of us if you and daddy go up in flames?" can't really be deferred.

My other favorite (when appropriate) is "What do you think?" Turn it back on them. Sometimes, they have their own conclusions and just want affirmation from us.

But yeah, the Endless Train of Questions-- sometimes I wish that train would just stay at the station for a day or so!