Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just for Today

I've been sitting at my desk in the morning sunshine, in my jammies reading about organizing for a bit now. Right after I got all caught up on my bloggy reading. I know, I know, I don't leave too many comments...

Hilary! You can do this run! Not only that, but you're really encouraging me to get back on board, I ran last week but I'm feeling more motivated after reading your goals.

Lynn, I think those brooches are so sweet of your Grandmother, & though she may not have wanted to be on a broach, I know she loves being remembered.

And Connie, I found IHeart Organizing on your blog and now I'm thinking more on organizing.

But now it's time to turn to the day's events...a little Lego party my boys will be attending, Karate, Bible Study...but not before I finish off tidying the remnants of our weekend camping trip and clean a poster-paint splattered sink in the downstairs bath. Oh, and I'll get out of my jammies before I water my blues and flowers...did I tell you I bought a Mock Orange? My mama was looking all over (her) town for one that would do well in the High Desert and I found just the right variety..one for me, one for her. I tucked it back near the blueberries (which produce a nice handful each day now) and they all are so thirsty these days.

I'm watching my Honeysuckle too, there are flowers ready to bloom and I cannot wait to sniff their honey-scent. Things are finally taking off here, our heat has been late in coming.

This is what I love about gardening. Every single day there is new discovery, & I have some boys that go out everyday to see what is new. Joe told me the other day that he "admired my garden" and those were the sweetest words a garden-loving-mama could hear.

Eli's sixth birthday is around the corner, 29 days, he told me this morning. But who is counting?

For his birthday I put together a photo book, pictures of his first 3 years. What a lovely job for me to do, I do love babies so it's fun to look through photos. In this digital age I rarely get photos printed anymore so I wanted to make him his own baby book. My plan is to make them for all the boys for all of the years.

Last night Nate and I wandered over to the craft store and picked up materials to make this little house for Eli's birthday gift. The rest of the family will get to pull some late nights working on this gift for Eil's little playmobile people. I'll be sure to post pics as we go. I think this house will be right up his alley.

The other thing I'll do is to order him a subscription to a magazine. The boys have been taught to politely wait (not attack) our mail carrier every day. They LOVE getting mail. They LOVE getting their own magazines. So that is on the list for all the boys this year. Any favorite kid-magazine ideas?

I'm into heartfelt or consumable gifts, there are tubs of toys in the basement waiting to go to the local thrift store. I'm tired of buying and recycling toys. Ralph says that *boughten toys are out here. I think he's right.

So this is what I'm up to today. Order, gifting, driving and resting.

Did I tell you that yesterday I flopped on the couch to rest a few minutes? I felt the knowing hands of my sweet Nate rubbing my tired muscles in my back. He rubbed my back until I fell asleep! What a love. After an awful-weekends'-sleep...more on that in the next post.

What are you doing today?

*boughten is a word we read a lot in the Little House books, referring to anything that is store-bought as opposed to home made


April said...

hi amanda.
i love this.
i thought lynn's brooches were wonderful too. :)
"boughten toys are out of here" sounds like something to stencil on a wall!
my youngest daughter is counting down to her 11th bday right now--where DO the years get to? and my "baby" will be 8 in a couple of months. ugh! thankful he still gives lots of hugs. . .
thanks for sharing your thoughts, days, fun, and all!

Connie said...

I LOVE that blog about organizing!!! It always motivates me! So glad you found it inspiring too. Check out Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. magazines by Focus on the Family. They are fun magazines with a Godly world view.

Hazel M. Wheeler said...

Congrats on the mock orange. We have three aside our house, creating a border between our native plant neighbor and ourselves. They have just the sweetest flowers...

Hope you are having a restoring day today.