Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Standing and Staring

Did you ever have so much to do that you got stuck?

Standing and Staring.

This is me today. I want to sit down and quietly blog, but I have to clean.

We were sick over Christmas AND we had guests AND we were gone over New Year AND we started school this week AND my neighbors house had a serious fire, they lost their little dog and the sadness is nipping at the heels of my production. I really, really need to clean. Laundry shooting out of the chute and a dripping dishwasher. Dog hair on the floor and dust laughing at me from the shelves. Laugh away, I'm coming to get you.

I'm a little swimming in good hard manual labor. It's good but I wish I could just sit and share some photos and doodle on my blog, just a little.

Oh well, there will be too slow days sometime when I'm 88, I'm sure.

Oh, and I have an important meeting tonight. Please pray for me in it!!

All my love,