Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December in 5 minutes

True to it's saying, a picture is worth a Thousand Words. I hope you can brew a cup of your favorite tea, sit down & review December with me.
Snow and Lights, the joys of December. Light.
For He is the Light of the World.
#Middlest's painting hangs over our guest bed. It may be my favorite thing in the house, presently.

Littlest poses in the new school room (more to come on that).

We did it!! December is a month for extra puzzles. It was such a treat for the five of us to sit around the table listening to Christmas music, the boys bellowing "Hark the Harold.."

...and the bag of balloons that grew faces and names, each a "baby" to the boys .

This was the stairwell that is growing into a pantry.
Decorating the tree.

Christmas Morning, a big, fun gift from Nanna and Grandpa. Hours and hours of fun.

Christmas Eve snacks

Littlest and his hamster, Blueberry. Natalie was lost in a horrible accident. Blueberry arrived the next day and has proven to be a friendly little girl whom Little loves fiercely. Such a sad story.
Christmas Morning, my Sweetie and I in all our morning "glory."

Hot Cocoa nearly everyday. Extra special in these sweet mugs my grandmother passed on to me.

Grandpa reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas" as the boys look on.

New life in December; paperwhites and grass for our Jesse tree project.

Graham Cracker Houses all around. Peek.

Our Jesse Tree.
December table.

December morning over the river. The view from my bedroom.

December has been a most pleasant month, quiet and productive. It's been a time for thinking and dreaming, playing and laughing. Creating and exploring. I'm excited for the New Year. See you then!


Hazel said...

Welcome Blueberry. So sorry about Natalie.... you'll have to fill me in, discreetly of course.

Making tea...

What's the Jesse Tree? Looks great!

Amanda Perko said...


The Jesse Tree is an advent project that goes throughout advent. Rather than banishing Christmas for the sake of appreciating the birth of Christ, we ramped up to Christmas by reading about and celebrating advent. It was good, such a sweet time!!

Miss you,