Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 8 of 365 (forgiveness in the shape of brownies)

For some odd reason my camera isn't downloading or uploading or unloading...whatever. At any rate I'll have to wait to share that photo but I should share this one anyhow.

Every.single time I turn my back these days the boys have pulled out Sorry or Chess. They LOVE playing with each other and I love my life. Last weekend Ralph pulled up a chair adn played with the boys. I took a few quick photos and then the opportunity.

I ran upstairs and drew a hot bath, grabbed my book and some chocolate.

This week has been tough, I didn't know I needed that bath to store up patience. When people ask if I like homeschooling I used to feel the need to prove homeschooling. "Oh, I love it!" I'd say. Now, I tell the truth. "Oh, I love it almost every day. Then there are days when I don't. It's like any other job, good parts and bad parts.

Yesterday left me reeling with my newly-changing 9 year old.

He didn't want to do Math.
He didn't think I dealt with his brother appropriately.
He didn't want to do Reading.
He didn't want to sit down.

Oh, good grief.

I didn't do so well with it. It was not a shining moment for me. I grew weary of the whining and snapped at him then sent him to his room before it got worse. Then I crawled up to my room again and prayed for grace and wisdom, peace, peace, peace.

By the end of the evening I had a quick but needed conversation with another mama of 9ish boys and she encouraged me in just the way I needed....9 year olds, they want control but aren't able to follow through yet. They get angry and need time, and comfort to cool down.
They need brownies, sometimes.

I got up and made brownies. I hugged my son 8 times and put him in bed with the usual sloppy kisses. This morning he climbed in my bed and we talked and snuggled and he was the happiest kid on the planet. "Aren't I having a much better day mom?"

It's good to be reminded. Days are rough and attitudes spin us round but so many offenses can be covered with love in the shape of forgiveness, brownies, or hugs.
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Hilary said...

Is it tiresome that I leave so many comments about how much I enjoy these little glimpses into your life? I'm sorry if it is; I can't help it :)


Jeff and Sarah said...

What a wise Mommy you are! Praise the Lord that He reminded you to take the time to pray!

We're experiencing the female version of the 9's here. Teary-eyed for no apparent reason, sensitive about everything, and needing breaks from younger siblings. And coming from my least emotional child. This is sure to be a challenging season. I've been gently reminding my not-so-little one, "Self-control, self-control, self-control." Not easy when your emotions are bursting at the seams, though!

Lord, grant us wisdom, patience, and gentle spirits.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Hillary on the stalking side - I have loved all the days of 365 so far. Get that camera fixed! Uploader fixed?? What a nice friend you must have that would offer brownies as a fix. ;) My other piece of advice, is teaching them to pray. Pray off the enemy. Pray for patience, pray for them to understand their own emotions. :) You're a great mom!!!!

Lora said...

oh yes, yes. you are not alone in that losing your cool-snapping at the learner-feeling terribly guilty afterward thing. what IS that?
this week, I had enough with the spinning, sassing, and blank stares when i yelled at my son to go to his room because i was calling the school so the bus could pick him up the next day! :( what a poop i can be.

Thank God for Grace, repentance, and forgiveness.
and brownies, too. :)

Blessings to you.

Cathy said...

I think I may need to go make some brownies....for a certain 9 year old in MY life.;)