Saturday, November 27, 2010

A squirrel, birdies, & graces

He's as happy as can be, enjoying the challenge of getting the seed out of my feeder. Though my intent is to draw in the birds, the boys and I truly enjoy the antics of this Fox Squirrel in our yard. There are several that run back and forth on the power lines over our back yard, safe from the lusty jaws of our dog. I have watched these squirrels sit on a stump or fence post and shake their long tails at the dog. I believe that this is a challenge, or maybe even a tease. "Come and get me, go ahead!" They seem to say to Juneau. Taunting little monkeys, they are.

Here you can see he's perched on our feeder, he squirrels down and pulls out the seed for a little morning snack. Fox Squirrels can grow up to 27 inches, their tail is 13 of those 27". They're one of the largest species of squirrels. I have also learned that they tend to mate in December and have babies in February, so we'll be watching for the rituals and signs of nests.

So many people think squirrels are pesky, my husband is not too far from that. Perhaps I can create an affection for them through our studies so he won't develop too much of a desire to rid our yard of them. They can be a bit pesky.
Back to the birds....I set feeders out in the yard and was disappointed to notice that only the squirrels were interested. Then I had a duh moment. I was chatting on the phone upstairs, looking out the windows and saw 5 or 6 birds up in the Sycamores. These are Northern Flicker Woodpeckers, they were poking around under the bark finding bug and spider snacks. I had the epiphany, we have mature trees in our yard....the birds already have home and food here.
Male Northern Flicker.
He is so large, and fun to watch as he pulls pieces of bark away from the tree to find bugs.
Females to match him.

And so this made me realize that there were, indeed, many sparrows living in our line of Cedars, I scooped up a some seed and planted it on the ground next to the Cedars. In no time at all the happy birds discovered the food.
A Dark Eyed Junco (or is it an Oregon Junco?)

...and it got me thinking about Our God, how He loves to pour grace-gifts on us for us to find, gifts to fill both tummy and spirit.

Let's dine friends, on God's Grace in our lives...

Counting God's Blessings...
  1. Snow Days
  2. Teeny buds on my Christmas Cactus
  3. A warm Fire
  4. Blog-Inspiration; Ann, Barb, Angie
  5. Construction (my bedroom is larger today!)
  6. A kind husband to a wife with a cold
  7. Alka-Seltzer
  8. "Come and snuggle me, Mama" at bedtime
  9. Another year to read those 'young' reader books
  10. A whole world in our backyard

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Hazel said...

Oh, I love them birdies! So, if you want a feeder that squirrely can't get into, consider a thistle feeder. Mostly finches and pine siskins come. There's no catch tray underneath, and unless you have a teeny beak, seeds are elusive. I love the photos--we have a flicker pair coming to visit our suet, too.