Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'll take you with me....

Here we are, in the middle of this whirlwind. Do you want to come?

Two weeks ago: 5 days with my in-laws, sitting poolside & nose in a book
Last week: @ Yosemite with sweet friends & their little ones. Catching a view of the beautiful falls, mountains made of rocks & building a dam and splashing in the river & encouraging conversation.
Today: Unpack. Pack
Tomorrow: on to Spokane for the 3-day Classical Conversations practicum and tutor training I'm so excited to attend. Yes, tutor training, because I'm teaching next year. And I'm so, so excited!! But I'm leaving one of my sweet boys to keep company with his dad and it just might break my heart. My umbilical cord is not so long...
Next Friday: going away party...for us. :(
Next Saturday: Much anticipated family reunion...4 hours away
Next Sunday: Breathe
Intermission: two weeks of packing and readying to move
Last week of the month: Load up our truck, doggie and essentials to move to provided (Thank you God) temporary housing.

I hope your head isn't spinning. Mine does, sometimes. Maybe I've done this too many times or maybe I'm covered with overwhelming grace...I feel all I have to do is today. Mostly just peace
Some days I cry a little about leaving our sweet home. (We're selling) Some days I'm just overwhelmed with all the blessing that comes with this change. Some hours I cannot.stop.making.lists. Mostly I'm covered with amazing peace that all the details are just falling into place.

I'm grateful to get time with friends here before we go (we don't have to pack--amazing!!)
I'm grateful for housing when we get there (time to find a rental home)
I'm so grateful my husband gets to change to a job he's going to love.
I'm so, so grateful for a Classical Conversations community to go to. Did I mention I get to meet new cc mama's this week?
I'm so grateful, and I'm a little exhausted.

So many photos to come. Bear with me. Until....October.

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Kristin said...

The kids had a nice time swimming with Eli at the Madras pool. It was so nice of your mom to ask us. I can't believe how Eli is growing up. Praying for you all as you prepare for your move. See you on Friday!