Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years' Day


Becky said...

love your new layout! cute pic of cute eyes! have you ever heard of Windows Live Writer? you can prob google it and just download it from's free and once you get it all set up you will never post from blogger again!! you will still keep your blog and just "connect" it to live writer program...posting pix and everything is so simple and you can "connect" how ever many blogs you have to one program and then just switch from blog to blog very easily...make sense?? if you have questions, feel free to ask. i am no expert, but it is def worth the time. the ease of uploading pix is a big deal to me since i use so many and also the ease of keeping up several blogs and it is quite simple once you get it downloaded and all. let me know what you think??

Becky said...

hey,again! here is a link for info and a link to livewriter

pay attention to where she talks about changing a bit of the code to make it more compatible with livewriter. let me know if you have ??s. :) good luck!

Anonymous said...

HI Amanda! This is Nicole Price. Do you remember me from about 10 years ago? We went to church in Fremont California. Ralph was my youth pastor at the church in Niles. My brother's name is Ryan. Ring a bell? I hope so!!! How are you two doing? Your boys are adorable! I am married as well and have a 6 month old son named Evan. I just wanted to say Hi. You can email me at, or find me on Facebook if you have name there is Nicole Chaikin. Hope all is well.
Blessings in Christ ;)