Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Day in the Life

I was recently asked what a day looks like for us, a homeschool day. Well, unlike the predictable-scheduled-down-to-the-minute day of public or private school, we are more happy to be more flexible. So this is an idea of what our day looks like;

7:00 Wake up
Morning Chores
8:30-9:00 School begins

How we "work" school;
I have found great success in using this pattern for school;
Mom and Eli (4 years) work together on Math for timed 15 minutes. Meanwhile, Nate and Joe work alone on their own Math. When the timer rings I move do work with Nate(5 years) on Math for about 15 -20 minutes. Joey continues to work on his own. Eli then finds something fun to do by himself. When Nate's time is done, he is dismissed and I work with Joey (7 years) for about 20-30 minutes on Math. I often times take a 15 minute break to answer an email or do a chore that is screaming at me, then we start in to Language Arts. Everyday we work together doing our CC memory work, and I frequently read aloud to all three boys from a Chapter book or our library books.

12:00 We break for lunch

12:30 If we've any school remaining we take care of that. If not, the boys are free to play while I take care of my chores. I plan to give them a chore list for after lunch in a month or so. We're working to make the morning chores a habit for right now.

Afternoon: While the weather is nice we're trying to get out, bike rides, park, nature walks. As the weather turns I'm sure we'll be playing more board games and things.

Evening: Our evenings are pretty full, usually soccer or swimming, basketball or T ball. More reading on quieter nights. :)

What does your day look like? Have you found any favorite tricks to your day?

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