Tuesday, September 8, 2009

If you take a boy to the library....

If you take a boy to the library, he'll want to check out a book.
When he chooses his book, it just be his favorite thrice-checked-out cookbook.

After reading his favorite book for the fourteenth time, he'll want to make those Boosk Brownies.

When he's baking those brownies don't be surprised when he starts making coughing and gagging sounds. You'll ask, "Are you okay?" He'll answer, "Now I understand what you meant when you said that Unsweetened Cocoa isn't sweet." Cough-Cough.
When he's mixing the flour he'll decide he needs to wear your apron.
When the apron is on he'll ask for a taste of brown sugar.

When the sugar is in he'll need to mix up those brownies.
When the brownies are mixed he'll be adding some chocolate chips.

When the chips are added, the brownies will be ready for the oven.
When the brownies are baked, that little boy will be so proud, and mysteriously hungry- as will his brothers.


Jessica said...

I love, love, love the proud look of accomplishment in the last picture. I bet the brownies were delicious!

Hilary said...

Jan Michael & I had a good chuckle about 'Wookie Cookies' :) And I love that proud smile!

Cathy said...

Love how you wrote this post.:)

And pretty sure MY son would love that book just as much as yours does.

Anonymous said...

so sweet, amanda...good job for letting/teaching your son a bit about being in the kitchen. :)

Renae said...

My son will freak out when I tell him there is a Star Wars cookbook! Thanks for sharing it in such a clever way.