Sunday, September 13, 2009

First day of School

Tuesday marked our first day of Classical Conversations this year. The boys were so excited to join other homeschool kids in class for the morning. They were even more excited about having their own lunchpails, school back packs and RECESS!!

Our first day of class was a lot of orientation details, of course.
Joey and Nate are in different classes, so Eli and hopped back and forth to see what both classes were doing. In CC, parents are the teachers (we homeschool all week) and the CC instructors are called tutors. Parents are expected to stick around and learn what the kids are being introduced to, help out with the class and learn new methods of instruction. I am so grateful to be part of a class in which the whole family is welcome to hang out.

The boys both get to do a presentation each week. This week they spoke on their interests and families. Joe did a fine job, making me especially warm-and-fuzzy when he named his favorite place as "home."
Nate gave all the crew a chuckle when he said:
"Hi, I'm Nate. I like shiny rocks, elephants, slime monsters and tornadoes."

I'm so proud.

Both boys exuded confidence and I'm grateful that they'll get to be presenting each week! What an opportunity!

The class went on, memory work, science, art, lunch, and RECESS!

The boys had a fabulous day, and it was really fun for me too. We are following it up with our memory work (which the kids are learning more quickly than myself....
  • milestones of the timeline beginning with creation
  • Noun endings in Latin
  • the five Kingdoms of Living things (science)
  • skip counting by 2's
  • the fertile crescent (geo)
  • and all about a preposition
The memory work is made easy and fun for the boys at home and at school.

For more about Classical Conversations Curriculum, see the CC blog, or another great description here at the Pages of our Life

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Karyn said...

I can't stop smiling about Nate's intro. Love that guy!