Thursday, August 13, 2009

Top 10 Tools

This blog goes out to all of you homeschool mamas.

If you had to name the top 10 tools you need for homeschooling, what would they be? I'm thinking of supplies or somewhat abstract tools.

So post me a comment, leave your blog address with your post of your top 10 faves. I'd love to see what you love- and I wonder how many we have in common. You'll see my post in a few days. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,

I don't have 10, but I do have a few:
1) Tabs- those tabs that are sticky on one side, to mark where to start for various books
2) Post-it notes- Basically same as above, but room for a note or two.
3) Highlighter- for the Mom portion of homeschooling, so I can mark up my guide books so I don't waste any time on certain special or important projects.
4) Matchbox cars. At the preschool level, they are math manipulatives, sorting items, characters in our story, or even distractions for the baby when we're trying to finish a project.
5) Crayons. For coloring of course. But also because a tedious assignment is so much more fun when you get to pick what color to use!

Oh- that's all for me. But I do look forward to the list from others... I need some more ideas!

And a side note- I've been meaning to get back to you, and WILL very soon!
:) Karin

Jenny said...

Here's MY list:
colored pencils
Bible or Bible verses
pencil sharpner