Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Credit is due...(and a few answers too)

I forgot to post the source of the great ice-cake....I found this on Chasing Cheerios, a mom who has some really fun ideas of things to do with kids. This is a great site to check out fun projects for at home. I'm loving all the inspiration and ideas I'm collecting from other mama-blogs, I'll share two more ideas I've grabbed soon~ the family newspaper and a new perfect table-art caddy I pulled together from things right from my kitchen. things to share!!

To address a few questions and comments...

Hilary, yes, we have Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and it IS a favorite. I believe the sequel is Pickles over Pittsburgh- another fun one but not so well loved as the first.

and Jimmie, that is the obvious question. No doubt it was the first thing I thought of and then wished I had made three cakes so no hands would be punctured. However, we did alright, my three year old ended up using a spoon because he has a little too much enthusiasm to use a knife. :) But we are incident free, so far this summer. ;)

And, at last I'm sorry to have scared you with my playlist. It's gone!

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