Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Big Serious Deal

I worked hard today, and I lost 27 lbs. today.

From the game closet, coat closet, and the curriculum/craft closet. Feels good. I love decluttering and this is the perfect time to do it...right before school starts up. Getting all organized. Now I know why all those other moms that school their little ones at home are posting photos of their work space for's a huge project and a huge accomplishment.

Today I consolidated my school stuff from three different places to to a storage closet, and to our workspace. We do our bookwork and writing all at the kitchen table, and things that aren't used daily are stored in the office closet.

A word about workspace. I know most of us mom's that school dream occasionally about having a room just for school. I was dreaming about that just a few weeks ago.

But then I had a memory:
a chilly winter morning arrives, I finish my morning chores and breakfast, the boys all come into the kitchen and we tuck up next to the kitchen table in the warmed kitchen with our cups of tea. I wouldn't trade a cold, far away from the warm kitchen, room if I could. I love setting a boy to work and hopping up to stir a batch of granola or put things together in my crock pot for dinner. The kitchen is the coziest room in the house and certainly where I want to spend my long-sitting mornings.

I just want an art room, with a big table and lots of drawers for our crafty stuff.

So there. If all you have to work with is a little kitchen table, remind yourself how cozy that will be and make the most of your space. It's not so bad. ;)

So I'll keep the decluttering. Now I'll work to simplify the stuff, expand our space, and just keep dreaming about that Art room.


Kristin said...

Way to go friend. I need to get off my duff and do that!

Found a homeschooling blog that you might like to look at.

She had some great reviews.

Elaine said...

Hi! Jessica told me to check out your blog. I totally agree about the kitchen table thing. One of the reasons why we homeschool is to be together. I would also love an extra room/den someday for all the homeschool stuff, but our main classroom will probably always be the kitchen. :)

Jimmie said...

I hope that you do get your art room one day. :-)

We have a dedicated HS area, but it's sort of a big hallway, weird area right in the center of the apartment. It works. And you don't feel isolated from the rest of the house.

I agree that the kitchen is a special place. :-)