Monday, June 1, 2009

Coos Bay Camping Trip


3 nights stayed in Roseburg
3 nights at Sunset State Park

5 miles family-hiked
too many photos- 321 to be exact
Greatest Adventure: Picnic with Family and "the beach" (according to Nate)
Coolest finds: Spider's Nest and Daddy Long Legs, Huge pool of urchins and Jellyfish in Tidepool (No spidy photos for you K)
Traditions: S'mores, tossing pine cones in fire.
Lesson Learned: Take a crockpot camping! It was wonderful to have the meal mostly done after all that play!
Ambitions: This was our first attempt at a 'life on the road' trip. Ralph worked his normal hours (he telecommutes and can do so at the local library or coffee house with wi fi) and the boys and I pressed on with school. Our days were minimal, math and language arts out of text and much literature about the ocean, coast, tides, sea critters. We also got a National Geographic coastal field guide from the library here and this was a huge asset. As we poked around in tidepools Joe would read to us all, teaching about limpets, urchins and sea stars. Invaluable. The hikes provided lots of conversation about the plants and trees in the temprate rainforest. We've been talking about habitat so this was a fun part of our discussion. The high desert is so completely different.

We finally made it to the beach! Group hug!!

We finally made it to the beach. Naptime.
Our first hike out to Shore Park & Gardens
Elijah Jonathan=Peach
Tree climber Joe
Nate too!

First Tide Pools, ahh heaven for little boys a captive sea window for little eyes.
Underwater pool
Early Morning Tide Pool explorers
I never get tired of those sticky anenomes. When you touch them they 'grab' your finger. Eli showed us that if you squeeze a closed one it squirts like a sprinkler.
Sea Star
Joey's find; sea star complete with rocky bottom
Tide pools below the cliffs. It was beautiful!
Turning around to the other side of the cliffs, I was amazed at the rock walls. I love the Oregon Coast. It's all so unique.
Back at Sunset Beach. Diggin' boys never tire...until it's called 'work.'
Nathan back at the campsite... Eli has dubbed them "smarshmallows" and it pun intended.
A new day hike, complete with millipede (thanks to the identification by our insect pro, Makita) :)

More to come....


Makita said...
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Deb said...

oh my goodness! sell that tiny house, buy a big RV and take off! Okay, that might be a bit extreme. Are you going farther away next time? How fun!

Jessica said...

I love the idea of 'life on the road.' What a blessing that your husband is able to telecommute. Thanks for sharing the pictures...your boys are so adorable. We're taking a trip to Lincoln Beach in September...your post has made me excited to explore the beaches with my boys!

Karyn said...

Yay! I've been waiting anxiously for your pics! Beautiful...I'm so glad your fam had a great time.

(thank you for no spidey pics, when I started reading I honestly thought, I'm going to have to close this out because I cannot scroll down and see THAT.)

I'm such a wimp.

Amy said...

What a beautiful time, amanda!! Really enjoyed looking at the pictures and all the captions... wow wow wow. such beauty!

Makita said...

I apologize if I offended you... that certainly wasn't my intention.

Amanda P said...

Not at all, Makita...I'm just happy to get my bugs straight. I guess I never posted your comment.

runninggal said...

I have a shout out to you today in my blog post.

Check it out!

The coast is non stop fun. We have hit the tides just right on our last 2 recent visits to the coast to see tons of tidepools too! Isn't it the best!?? A glimpse into a world we never get to see - the sea!

Makita said...

Phew.... I was worried. :)