Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend, 2009

Believe it or not...uploading 321 photos to edit, tell about and share is a bit overwhelming.

This Memorial Day weekend we had a sad happy day with my family (mom's side). We gathered to bury my Grandma Short(cake's) ashes. It's been a few months that she's been gone now, it was peaceful for me to know that this was now concluded....however her spirit has long been singing in heaven. It was a treasure though to gather again with family, her three sisters and remember her again, to sing songs she loved and visit Grandpa's gravesite too. My Mom and Grandma's sisters
Afterward we had a fabulous picnic at a huge park, it was a treat to be all together. These are some of my cousins. They are all grown up and so fun..each of them.

30 some family members and LOTS of little boys. My neice (my double cousin's daughter) camped out with us that night and the boys were thrilled to play games and sit around the campfire with Lauren. She and her sister Sianna have long been special-favorite cousins to the boys. They have gotten lots of playtime together over the last three years.
Lauren, Nate and Eli feast on cherries.

It was a very fun, action packed weekend. Sunday we went to spend a few hours with my other Grandparents who are living on their own still, in spite of my grandpa's blindness, diabetes, and grandma's pain that keeps her from doing to much walking...and no driving. They are stubborn in their late years...don't want to move. Not that I can blame them. When you move into a retirement center you don't move back out. But it would be so lovely for my family if they would move somewhere that their lives and care could be simpler. I'm sure this is just around the bend for them, but I'm glad to still have them around and enjoyed my afternoon of 'show and tell' with them. They have so many things to show me. :)

I ran out of camera battery for most of the weekend and was too content and busy to do anything about it. We stayed three nights in Roseburg and it was quiet and we loved the convience of the trailer...enabling us to stay there for cheap and eat at 'home.'


Amy said...

Hi Amanda! So glad to see that you guys made back home safe! What a beautiful time it looked like you had... your sweet Grandparents are just precious. I have to say that I would feel the same way... it's true about those nursing homes. I really believe that family should take care of family... and I pray that I will get to do that for my Mom and Dad one day. Beautiful pics!

hugs.. Amy

Cathy said...

That new header picture of the boys is ADORABLE! I love it!! ...when did you get the trailer? fun!

Karyn said...

Glad you had some precious time with your family :)

runninggal said...

First of all, I totally relate. To get a blog post about any one thing we do up in a timely fashion is impossible for me~ we usually have 500 plus photos, all in RAW form, that have to be gone through, with the chosen picture selected and then sent through 2 different programs to turn from Raw to Jpeg and then resized for the blog. Then there's the post itself.

Many spring occurrences of my little life have not made it to the blog. Such is the blog life I lead!

Second, and more important, I am so happy for the precious time you had with your extended family.