Monday, May 4, 2009

We're done with these...

It's that simple.

You want any of this? The more, the better.

Call, email...whatever. We're done with them and I'll be happy to give them to you!

First come...
  • costumes ( the black gorilla is the cutest in the universe)
  • toys
  • drawer caddy needs a little tightening but works well

It's that simple.


Kristin said...

Amanda, I have a daughter who really would like that caddy thing. She needs some organization in her life!!! That is if it isn't already taken.

DotBlogger said...

Ooooh, I'd like the organizational caddy thingy. :)

If you give it to Jen, I can get it from her the next time I see her. After her cruise, of course. Lucky duck.

Jaime said...

We'd love the Diego things. Mason's really into him right now!

Jenny said...

WAIT! I want that caddy.

Amanda P said...

Okay ladies, so sorry, but the caddy is gone! The Diego sets (3) are all gone, so I have the costumes and the Thomas toy left.

Karyn said...

I want the caddy!!!

It's taken! Boo, every one else always gets the good stuff before me!!

Ha Ha.

I'm being "catty"

Get it?