Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I've been cooling down after the conference we had last weekend at church. I was in on the planning, leading worship and did a little teaching and I'm W-I-P-E-D. The conference was fantastic, by the way. I have still been peeking in on all your blogs, but I'm just not writing again yet. And I've also been spending extra time with the boys this week, time well spent. Tonight they're watching Curious George so I took a minute to read and write.

BUT, I'm sure you all know I'll be full force, soon! But this week I'm working on;
  • the overdue birthday blanket
  • preparing the house for my sister and her family for the weekend
  • lots and lots of reading with the boys
  • starting on a new blanket requested by Eli :) He picked the colors
  • investigating homeschool teaching tools
  • schooling my little sweetie-students
  • creatively trying to get in a little excersize
  • some extra sleep
  • getting deb (a fifth time new baby mama) all set up on Delectable Dinners and swooning over sweet little Cameron
  • sweeping up after the crazy shedding-dog (who has now been banned from the house
  • graciously accepting my unanimously(three little boys) nominated role of Princess Leah and maintaining The Force (after confirming that I do not have to wear the brass bikini)

But, friends..I'll be Bock!

*I don't think Princess Leah ever said that...I don't know if she was famous for anything but the bikini and the hair. I'm not doing either, so don't look for that post.

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Amy said...

I didn't know all this! What did you teach? did you lead worship too?? How fantastic! Did you play the guitar also? Wonderwoman you are! That is ALOT! I can see why you are wiped... my goodness!

I am just so inspired by your blanket... gorgeous! Can't wait to see Elli's :)

It was Arnold who said that! LOL!! The Terminator ;) Great movie by the way!

hugs and hope to see you soon..but rest rest rest