Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break!!

(Daffy's I got at Trader Joe's for $1.25)

I just had to stop all the packing madness to share something really fun with all of my fellow Spring-break-happiness-moms. I found these links on a of of a blog friend of a blog friend of a blog friend. Make sense?

At any rate, if you're looking for a little something cute and fun for the kids to do...something anti-commercial & anti-crazy-noisy, here are some links for you.

First I looked at Poisson Rouge, or Red Fish Soup for all of you EFL (English as a First Language) mommies. This site is really fun and quite artsy. Littlest kiddos can play these games--and if you're wondering why on earth I'd suggest littlest ones even PLAY games online...remember that the three year old youngest Peanut of three will not be outdone, even when it comes to 'video games'. This site is artsy, colorful and there is even a little learning stuff.

Then I saw Build A Neighborhood, Mr. Rogers game. Do you remember colorforms? You get to create your own little farm, or neighborhood, kingdom. Very fun for litttler-biggish hands.

The last game, Orisinal: Morning Sunshine did an excellent job appealing to my soft side. The games are cute and simple-arcade-ish and entertained even my 7 year old. The appealing part, the colors are mostly soft on the eyes and the music is lulling. NOT that I'm suggesting by any means that you trade these games for before nap stories and snuggles (those are the best, NEVER trade them) but they're easy on the eyes and ears. Very nice to me. And yes, I was playing a few of the games.

So now that I've given you today's idea for helping to soothe the Spring Fever (and if you're in the sunshine you should have no reason to be inside, playing games....but it's still cold, cold, cold here.) I'd like to share a muffin adventure.

We decided to call these the Blue Soup Muffins. That's exactly what the batter looks like and somehow my kids are more apt to try and enjoy something if you give it an interesting name.

I mixed up these yummy muffins and I've been munching on them all day. They almost have the consistency of a power bar, not quite so solid. They are Y-U-M-M-Y and not too bad for the bod. I used 1/2 sugar and 1/2 Stevia...I've never baked with Stevia before so I only tried 50%. It seems to have turned out just fine. Give them a try and tell me what you think, the recipe is on a blog below entitled "happy"...