Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fumbling for bloggits

I've been wanting to write something this week, thinking all week on what to write 'about' many times I wait to write until I have a subject. Tonight my subject is just today.

This week has been one of those getting-back-into-the-swing weeks. I have been incredibly tired, which I'm sure is mostly emotional. I've been trying hard to get back to all the normal stuff, which lucky-me, included some fun with friends and lots of chat time.

Some of you knew that Ralph and I were long considering a job promo/transfer. Ralph was offered a double-promo...a dream job for him- back in VA. I know how my CO friends groaned when they heard about this~how my VA friends were pulling for a move, and how all of you just prayed for wisdom and understanding for Ralph and I. It was a full

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