Saturday, February 7, 2009

School this week

Thought I'd share with you some of the fun stuff we've been up to this week.

Scooter is part of Boy Scouts, and as any Scout family knows, it's the time of year for the all important Pine Car Derby. This has been a very fun project for Scootch and his dad, and I think it's looking quite sharp. I haven't photos of the finished product, but I'm sure to get some good ones tomorrow at the races.

Of course projects beget projects when you have little boys....Critter admitted to feeling a little jealous of the Pine Car project, so I pulled out some treasure boxes I picked up at the dollar store way back when for the younger boys to paint. It was a big paint project night, we had a wonderful time.

We also made playdoh again this week.

I used kool aid to scent the pink (Valentine's day) playdoh. I always make a huge batch and the kids have a big old clump to play with. It's great to play with while it's still warm, and for the next month or sometimes two.

Do you like Critter's Elephant?

I could post photos of the boys doing their traditional school work, but I think those aren't nearly as fun as us doing the fun stuff.

We went to our first week of choir/music theory class. I was thrilled with this home schooling mom of 6 (I think all girls) who works hard to put this class on. There were at least 23 students there, including two of my boys. It was so fun to hear this group of kiddos. Maybe I'll take my camera next week.

And today we had our traditional Chess and Game Club for Home School Kiddos.

It's a favorite group for the boys, we meet monthly and Scooter gets to hone in on his Chess skills, or play whatever game he likes. Peanut is a happy observer and he and I usually play a game or two. Critter is starting to join in with the other 5 and 6 year old kids to play the past he's been more interested in hanging out with his brothers or me and watching. Today I actually got in on a mom's game of 10 days in the USA...a very fun and good learning game for sure.

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Dee said...

Wow. Looks like the kids had a great week. Did you make the playdough yourself? How do you make it?