Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Visit to our Good friends, the Corderos

My sweet husband has finally returned from another business trip (hence the prior reference to my solo act) back East. He was gone for 11 long days, we all missed him so much. To pass the time a little more quickly, the boys and I went over the mountains for some fun time with our friends, the Corderos who recently moved over there. We had lots of good play time, a puzzle for moms (Cathy and I both enjoy a good puzzle) movies, and a trip to the local carosel and park. It was a fun trip, but brief- we're looking forward to seeing our friends again tomorrow- this time they're on our side of the mountains. Enjoy the photos, please enjoy the fact that I got Lincoln the builder/skiier/scuba diver in their can you NOT enjoy him twice?


Amy said...

Hey girl!! Looks like you had so fun! Love all the pics of the boys and their buds! Just way way too cute for words! Love them!

Hugs.. Amy

Cathy said...

so glad you came! We had fun! ...and I agree, how can you NOT enjoy him multiple times:)