Friday, February 13, 2009

Common Sense Tips for Running in the Snow

  • White and Pink shoes are hypercolor in the snow. They magically turn brown and pink. (You only thought they were white)
  • When you run around the elementary school down the way- the street lined with parked cars of parents that wait for children to come to the car, it's awesome to slip on the ice and fall on your butt. Do it gracefully.
  • Take your camera for fabulous snow photos.
  • Eyeglasses quickly build up a nice layer of snow, rendering them useless.
  • The snow looks as pretty without any glasses. And all cars (but the white ones) are still easy to see.
  • Perfectly curled eyelashes catch snowflakes beautifully, blocking your view of the road ahead & giving you an up close view of the snow.
  • DO NOT attempt to wipe your snowlashes for a better view of the road ahead. Vanity will remind you that your face will be covered in mascara quickly if you do. You can't see anything anyway, remember? The glasses are in your pocket.
  • You can catch LOTS of snowflakes on your tongue if you run against the snowfall with your mouth wide open.
  • All that vantity was for not. When you get close to home and your body gets warm, the snow on your eyelashes melts anyhow and your sweet husband will still giggle when you walk in the door with mascara running down your face. He will also be so proud of you for running in spite of the cold you have, the cold you're in.
  • Running in the snow still clears a girls head.
  • Running in the snow still burns calories.
  • Running in the snow is amazingly beautiful, nature still breathes life into a weary soul. God has a way of doing that.


Rae:):):) said...

Haha! Funny and interesting! I like it! How are you doing? i hope you're getting over your cold. It's not just going aroung the town, my friend in Tennessee has it!:)

Cathy said...

You are too funny, girl! ...oh and super duper pretty too, even with mascara down your face, I'm sure.:)

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

Beautifully poetic, and makes me wish for snow for a day, then I'll want it to go away.

Kristin said...

I am so proud of you Amanda! I love reading about your running adventure in the snow, now I have an idea and don't need to find out for my self!!! Your post made me smile and even laugh. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Hilary said...

I'm laughing at your advice and admiring you! This morning we have clear skies without a hint of rain (or snow!) and all I've done is eat two cupcakes :)

runninggal said...

Isn't it fun?!! So quiet...everything is soft and so clean....that's how running in the snow feels to me!

Fun post!