Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brain Chain: in a day's work

wake up, snuggle boy,happy, read and pray, laundry, shower, ahh, dress, beds, flat boy hair, squeaky clean teeth, breakfast, full, vitamins, clean kitchen, hurry, shoes, socks, coats, carseats, hurry!, drive, worship, nate, sit, book talk, chat, brain-tired, chat, drive, husband, dog, make lunch, husband hug, ahhh, talk, frustrated, eat, talk, phone rings, plan, talk, clean kitchen, play, twinkie, pick up, magic beans, go dog!, clean, email, talk to boys, facebook, happy, sweep, school, spelling, art, crochet, correct, content, school, Sesame Street, read blog, listen to Bee Story read by son, happier, paint, art, pattern, giggle, picture, phone, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD, vacuum, spot, vacuum, UPS, snacktime, bleach bathroom,

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