Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simple Pleasures in a week

A good hard run,
lingering in bed,
a long hot bath,
cup of hot tea (licorice spice is nice),
a favorite book,
a cozy quilt,
a look in the Psalms,
a quiet hike,
rain and soup,
a chattery play date,
holding a baby,
a good beer,
some mindless tv time,
my favorite pillow,
stormy nights,
yummy lotion,
fresh flowers,
unexpected company (a lost act)
warm slippers,
stretched out in the sun,
the last load of laundry,
a long walk with a friend,
a read of a friend's blog,
a long letter (a lost art),
date night,
clean bathrooms,
dark chocolate,
waking to a little one curled up next to me,
quiet knit on the couch,
scented candles,
dried flowers,
stacks of books,
clean counters,
banana bread,
long phone chat with a sister or friend,
clean socks,
chocolate chip cookies.

How about you, friend? What's your pleasure?

I am amazingly blessed.


Kristin said...

I enjoyed reading your simple pleasures. I need to find those simple pleasures in my life. I feel I am always such a stress basket. Thanks for encouraging us to take those moments and find the simple pleasures in it. Today that is my goal. Hopefully I can list a few tomorrow.

Hilary said...

Thank you for your list! As I've said about 10 million times on our blog, the weather around here has been especially dreary, and I've been feeling the effects of it. Very, very good for me to be reminded about simple, happy things. I have lots of my own that I need to think about!

Amanda P said...


I agree that this time of year is harder to enjoy life...dreary, wet, snowy, cold- whatever. We can enjoy indoors...do share yours on your blog!

Jenny said...

Dating my husband
Hugging my kids
Goodnight kisses

TiffanyMurphy said...

I like that you said that drop in visits don;t happen these days any more! I agree, and I too love them~

TiffanyMurphy said...

I dont think my comment showed up,,,,,I like drop in visits~~

Zindra said...

your list was inspirational!
Glad I found your blog.. .or that it found me :D