Friday, January 16, 2009

Promise fulfilled

Who would know a 4 year old would have such an incredible memory?

A year ago, Critter asked me for a critter of his own. A hamster, that's all. I wasn't about to turn a fragile little hamster over to my sweet but frisky little boy, so I put him off. "Maybe when you're five. A pet is a huge responsibility. If you help to feed and clean up after Juneau until you're five, and I can see that you're helping and responsible, you can get one when you're five." I answered. I took it for granted, his memory.

Do you know what Critter said to me as I got out of the shower earlier this week?

"Mom, you said you would get me a hamster when I turned five."

I did.

Oh, I did.

I tried and tried to weasel my way out of it. "A fish tank? You can choose your own fish..."

No go. And I just wasn't going to go back on what I told him so long ago...and crush his little dreams.

**So this is where the brave part comes in, for those of my facebook friends.**

I mustered up all my strength this morning, after many a conversation about care and feeding, cleaning, protecting this critter from our other bigger ones (cat and dog). We headed off to the pet store(s) with birthday money in hand and a mission.

Now I had done quite a bit of research, and from some experience too, I know that Guinea Pigs are better pets for little hands than hamsters. When Critter held a Guinea Pig, she crawled up and licked his neck, ear, head. He fell in love. The hamster was way too wiggly.

Lucky for me I got 50% off a cage at a local feed store too.

So we're all set. First named Fredrick, now she's called Stewart, our Guinea is all cozied up in her upstairs space, safe behind a closed door from kitty.

I'm so brave....and they're so cute.


Amy said...

O my goodness.... how they NEVER forget!! I love your new addition.... what a cutie!

Karyn said...

Oh, so cute!

Hilary said...

SO cute!! And I love that her name is Stewart :)

Raelyn said...

Oh she's SOOOOO cute!!! I love ginny pigs!!! :)- Raelyn

The Daileys said...

"SHE is stewart" LOL!!! Jared got a hamster at 5 and it took a lot of "conditioning" and one bite for Mitch before we could trust her around Jared.... a guinea pig might have made a smarter choice. Your little man looks so very happy. What a memory....

Suzanne said...

Loved reading about your new family member! :-)