Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Where did it go?"

scooter said at the dinner table. I had this horrible feeling I knew just what he was talking about. His tooth. The wiggly one.

My eldest son swallowed his first tooth.

First I thought he was going to cry. I hurried on to tell him that it was no problem, I could email the tooth fairy right quick and explain what had happened. The tooth fairy would still come! That calmed him quickly.

Then I thought I was going to cry. The first lost tooth, the one that caused my sweet baby so much grief when it came in, and I'm denied the privileged of getting to hang on to that tooth. You see, my boys are growing, and as Mia well knows, they will keep growing. One day, all I will have left to remember their little selves by is the box of teeth they left behind (and 6 million photos). I know, I know, it's just a tooth and I'll get plenty more, but entertain me. I was feeling sorry for myself. I think I'm over it.

Scooter left a note under his pillow for the fairy;

Kids are awesome.


Jenny Kay said...

Oooo... why does it hurt so much to see our children grow up sometimes? There is an ache in my heart where my babies used to be. Now there is space for big kids. And I love it everyday.

I really like the note. I especially like the math problems.

Cathy said...

Oh no!! That would be sad. ...I guess there is ONE possible way to get it back...what? gross! can't believe I said that...never mind...I understand if you don't want to publish this:)

Raelyn said...

Hello! The picture is so cute! That same exact thing happened to my sister but my mom said she would write a letter not email! Well I have to go! Bye! -Raelyn

The Daileys said...

Life, once again has been hectic and I have just now caught up on the last month of your blog. May I say that it is just delightful to wade into the edge of your life for a few minutes? Thanks for sharing the joy of the Lord in your words and your pictures. Keep it up, friend :)

ohhollyf said...

Noah lost his when "showing it off". He will not do that again, lol